Prayer Platoon Schedule – May 2015

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Date VFC Prayer Platoon Prayer Points – May 2015 Key Verse
O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years – Habakkuk 3:2
01-May-15 Give thanks unto the Lord and praise Him for all Workers as we celebrate Workers Day. Worship Him, for there is none like our God Isaiah 42:12; Psalm 35:9
02-May-15 Thank God for His faithfulness and appreciate Him for answered prayers. Isaiah 65:24
Prayers For Revival In VFC
03-May-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray that righteousness will go as a herald before Him as we share in His body Psalm 85
04-May-15 Pray that VFC members will live lives of Holiness, acceptable to God Romans 12:1
05-May-15 Pray for the grace to play our role in the work of revival in our lives as individuals Psalm 119:156
06-May-15 Pray that all VFC members will seek God wholeheartedly Jeremiah 29:13
07-May-15 Pray that VFC members will be filled with the Holy Spirit afresh; That there would be a birthing of a new wave of hunger and love for Christ by His Spirit Acts 1:8
08-May-15 Pray that VFC members’ souls will thirst for God and we will be endowed with power from on high Psalm 42:1
09-May-15 Pray for mercy that our sins may not prevent us from being revived Isaiah 59:1-5
Prayers For VFC Families
10-May-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray that God would grant all believers a deeper understanding and awareness of His holiness 1 Peter 15-16
11-May-15 Thank God for His love, grace, power and protection upon the lives of VFC families Psalm 113:1-3
12-May-15 Pray for unity in the various families that constitute VFC, Pray for divine peace and love to reign supreme in our homes Isaiah 54:10; 1Cor.13:3-8
13-May-15 Pray that God will make all things work together for good for our families; Pray for genuine reconciliation in families going through strife and contention Romans 8:28
14-May-15 Entreat the Lord-Jehovah Rapha to remove every sicknesses and diseases from our members having challenges in their health Joel 2:25-27
15-May-15 Pray specifically for our Youths that they will not forsake God. Pray for revival in their spirit that they will remember God as their help Jeremiah 2:13; Psalm 71:9
16-May-15 Plead that God would convict and save any deceived, unregenerate church members among us 2 Corinthians 13:5-6
Prayers For the Church
17-May-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray the Father to release the fire of the Holy Spirit on His Church that we may demonstrate His Lordship James 4:6
18-May-15 Pray for christians who are being persecuted for their faith, pray for revival, plead that God will convict and save those who are being deceived Ephesians 3:16; Ephesians 6:20
19-May-15 Pray for unity and harmony in the body of Christ 1 Corinthians 1:10
20-May-15 Pray that nothing will separate the church from the love of God Romans 8:35-39
21-May-15 Pray that the wind of revival blow over the church-Plead with the Holy Spirit to stir within every believer a desire to search and to know the Word Acts 2:1-4; Joel 2:28
22-May-15 Entreat God to purge His church of sin; Pray that God will create a spirit of humility and brokenness among believers Isaiah 57:15
23-May-15 Entreat God to build His church that the gates of hell will not prevail against it Matthew 16:18-19
Prayers For Nigeria
24-May-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray that Nigeria be changed through revival; that we would do that which is right in the sight of God Proverbs 14:34
25-May-15 Thank God for His faithfulness towards Nigeria. Exalt His name for answered prayers concerning our Nation Isaiah 65:24
26-May-15 Extol the name of the Lord for the sustaining peace and security and also for the hope He gives us as a Nation Romans 15:13
27-May-15 Praise the Lord for our Children as they celebrate today; thank you Father that Your Word prevails over them and they are taught of You & great is their peace Isaiah 54:13
28-May-15 Pray that peace will reign in Nigeria and God will restore Nigeria’s glory Isaiah 66:12
29-May-15 Praise God for His goodness to our nation, giving us blessings far beyond what we deserve; Pray for wisdom & understanding for our new leaders Proverbs 2:21; 1Pet.5:2-9
30-May-15 Behold another dawn in our Nation-Pray that the spirit of God will rule over Nigeria Proverbs 14:34
31-May-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray that God will grant us an agonizing burden for lost people and an unceasing desire to share the gospel Romans 9:1-3;Matt 28:18-20
Pray that we grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…….2 Peter 3:18!