Prayer Platoon Schedule – February 2015

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Date VFC Prayer Platoon Prayer Points – February 2015 Key Verse
Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. Ps 96: 9
01-Feb-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-That the Lord will be our Banner, that we carry Him before us at all times, and for Him to direct our paths Exodus 17:15
02-Feb-15 Praise God for His surpassing greatness and mighty works in Nigeria, in the Church and in our indvidual lives Psalm 150:2
03-Feb-15 Thank God for seeing us through the 1st month of 2015……..In everything let us give thanks!! 1 Thessalonians 5:18
04-Feb-15 Thank God for all His blessings, protection and provision that we keep enjoying…………..Amazing Grace Ephesians 5:20
05-Feb-15 Thank God for the VFC Leadership for their dedication, hard work and obedience to God; also pray for their spouses as they support them in their tasks Hebrews 13:7
06-Feb-15 Pray that all Members of VFC Council and the PAC shall be full of faith and the Holy Ghost; shall devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word Acts 6:4-5
07-Feb-15 Pray that the leaders and members of each Department in VFC shall be of honest report and full of wisdom Acts 6:3
Prayer for VFC Members
08-Feb-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-Pray that the Lord will be our Jehovah Jireh, that we put our trust in God to continually provide for our needs Philipians 4:19
09-Feb-15 Pray that the zeal of the Lord’s house would consume every member of VFC and lead us to commitment in the things of the Lord John 2:17
10-Feb-15 Pray that the study of, and obedience to, the Word of God would be the daily habit of each VFC Member Acts 17: 11
11-Feb-15 Pray that the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit would be manifest in the lives of all VFC Members 1 Corin 12:7-11; Gal: 5:22-26
12-Feb-15 Travail in prayer concerning all VFC Youths of marriageable age, that the Lord will lead them to their life partners Genesis 2:18; Romans 8:14
13-Feb-15 Pray that there shall be none barren in VFC, both spiritually and physically. Genesis 1:27-28
14-Feb-15 Entreat the Lord concerning Nigeria as we go to the polls that peace may reign supreme-Pray for a credible leader to be elected Acts 1:20-26
15-Feb-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-Pray that Jehovah Shalom be our Peace for God’s peace comes from true, experiential knowledge of Jesus 2 Peter 1-2
16-Feb-15 Give Jehovah Shalom worship. Ask the Lord to break every yoke that may be in the life of any VFC member. Speak peace into every storm. Isaiah 58:6-7; Psalm 107:16
17-Feb-15 Entreat the Lord to teach each VFC Member how to fight and gain victory in spiritual battles Psalm 144: 1
18-Feb-15 Pray for spiritual and numerical growth in the Household of Faith as we celebrate the beginning of Lent Acts 2: 47
19-Feb-15 Pray that there would be no lack in VFC; Pray that all Members shall prosper in spirit, soul and body Acts 4: 34
20-Feb-15 Pray that no VFC member shall be unemployed or under employed Genesis 2: 15
21-Feb-15 Beseech the Lord for healing for all our Members that are challenged with their health that our God will intervene in their situations 1 Peter 2: 24
Prayer for The Church/Nigeria
22-Feb-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-Travail in prayer that we and our household will worship no other god- He is Jehovah Kanna Exodus 34:14
23-Feb-15 Ask the Lord to meet the needs of every Ministry and Mission that VFC supports. Pray for safety of believers Philipians 4:19; Psalm 91
24-Feb-15 Ask the Lord to send labourers into the field to win souls for the end-time harvest Matthew 9:37&38
25-Feb-15 Pray that the righteousness that exalts a nation shall be the portion of Nigeria henceforth Proverbs 14:34
26-Feb-15 Pray that there shall be peace and justice before, during and after the elections Isaiah 1: 17
27-Feb-15 Ask the Lord to peronally intervene in our electoral process and appoint God-fearing persons into every position in Nigeria. Daniel 2:20-21
28-Feb-15 Thank God for His faithfulness, thank God for our Nation, pray for credible and peaceful elections-Be expectant of good news! 1 Timothy 2:1-2
Pray that we grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…….2 Peter 3:18!