Prayer Platoon Schedule – August 2015

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Date VFC Prayer Platoon Prayer Points -August 2015 Key Verse
 Prayers For A Revived Church
But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: …… ” – Acts 1:8
1 Aug 15 Let us give God thanks with a grateful heart for making us witness the beginning of another month-Declare His Praise and Majesty 1 Chronicles 16:8-13
2Aug-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Lord, fill us afresh with the Holy Spirit that we may walk and speak the word of God with boldness Acts 4:13
3Aug-15 Lord we desire Your divine presence afresh in all areas of our lives; in this new month, we wont go unless Your Presence go with us Exodus 33:15
4Aug-15 Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above. Let us adore Him and esteem Him in awe Exodus 15:11;Psalm 95:6-8
5Aug-15 Let God be magnified in our lives! Proclaim His “Almightiness”- Mighty Warrior, Great in battle, The Lord of hosts, Jehovah Sabaoth is His name Deuteronomy 10:17
6Aug-15 Thank God for His great mercy over us for the steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth; and we will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever Lamentation 3:23
7Aug-15 As muslims gather for corporate prayers today, pray Jesus to manifest Himself to them as Lord. O Lord, let your glory be above all the earth Acts 9:3;Psalm 57:11
8Aug-15 Pray for the rekindling of the fire of the Holy Spirit in our family altars-That VFC men will take their rightful place as priests of their households 1 Kings 18:30,
 Prayers For VFC Families
9Aug-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: He has called, gifted, equipped, and empowered us to serve in building up the body to His glory 2 Timothy 2:15
10Aug-15 Thank God for the beginning of a new business week, Entreat the Lord as you bring His promise of prosperity for VFC families to His remembrance 3 John 1:2
11Aug-15 Thank the Lord, bring to His remembrance His promise of divine health to His saints and especially to all of us in VFC. Exodus 15:26; 3 John 1:2
12Aug-15 Pray for the new wine of the Holy Spirit in our marital union in VFC. Pray for fresh appreciation and mutual admiration by VFC spouses 1 Peter 3:4; Eph. 5:21
13Aug-15 Pray for peace in our family relationships-between spouses, parents and children, siblings and the extended family members Isaiah 26:3
14Aug-15 Pray that VFC children will be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace; pray that they will know God for themselves and make the right choices Isaiah 54:13
15Aug-15 Pray that God be with us and bless our family gathering with His presence; Pray that as we play together, we will grow together in His service Psalm 91:4; Phil 2:4
 Prayers For the Church
16Aug-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray for God’s grace to endure persecution in a Christlike manner and keep our eyes focused on the Lord 2 Timothy 3:12
17Aug-15 Pray for persecuted Christians all over the world. That the Lord will embolden them and guard their hearts with His peace Isaiah 49:25-26
18Aug-15 Pray for the persecutors that they will encounter the Lord Jesus and have the Damascus Road experience. Acts9:3-4
19Aug-15 Thank God for our prayer meeting this morning. Seal our testimonies with the blood of Jesus and pray God to attend to our requests in Jesus name. Revelation 12:11
20Aug15 Pray that the activities of missionaries all over the world will lift up the name of Jesus; Pray God to reveal new strategies unto them Isaiah 52:7
21Aug-15 Commit the missionaries in the battle front unto the hands of the Lord. Pray for Safety and that they will present the gospel clearly to unbelievers. Pro.18:10; Colossians 4:4
22Aug-15  Pray that all Missionaries will be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that his/her labor is not in vain 1 Corinthians 15:58
 Prayers For Nigeria
23Aug-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Enthrone the Lord in our gathering such that our eyes of faith and expectancy are towards Him Acts 4:31
24Aug-15 O God, incline Your ear and hear; open Your eyes and see our desolations, and the city which is called by Your name, O Lord, forgive us our sins Daniel 9:18-19
25Aug-15 Pray that all secret collaborators against the God-given destiny of Nigeria will be exposed, shamed and rendered impotent in Jesus Name Psalm 2:1-3
26Aug-15 Pray that only the counsel of the Lord shall stand concerning Nigeria. Proverbs 19:21
27Aug-15 Pray for all those in authority (elected & appointed Officials) that they will lead by the fear of God and that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life 1 Timothy 2:1-4
28Aug-15 Raise the banner of Jesus Christ over Nigeria-Proclaim the Lordship of Jesus; Pray the Holy Spirit to take over the atmosphere in Nigeria Revelation 4:11
29Aug-15 Ascribe greatness to the Lord! Declare that Nigeria is a Nation under Jehovah God. Our generation shall praise His name Deuteronomy 32:3-4
30Aug-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Pray for grace to be sound in doctrine & walk in total obedience to the guidance of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:42
31Aug-15 Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices, Who wondrous things has done, in whom this world rejoices-Re-commit all into His hands. Psalm 9
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you…….” Acts 5:12