Prayer Platoon Schedule – April 2015

--Download Prayer Platoon Schedule - April 2015 as PDF --

Date VFC Prayer Platoon Prayer Points – April 2015 Key Verse
Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. Psalm 96:9
01-Apr-15 Praise the Lord “The I AM That I AM” for being in charge and seek for a time of Revival in the House Psalm 100:1-3
02-Apr-15 Praise God for the elections, in spite of all the anxieties-Be thankful for His sustaining grace upon us. Psalm 103:2; Psalm 34:3-4
03-Apr-15 Reflect on the crucifixion -“And being in agony He was praying very fervently; and His sweat became like drops of blood, falling down upon the ground,” Luke 22:44
04-Apr-15 Ask the Lord to revive the heart of the contrite, to visit us in a new way and to renew a right spirit within us Isaiah 57:15; Psalm 51:10-13
Prayer For VFC / Church
05-Apr-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service: Celebrate the risen Christ – “Up from the grave He arose!” Matthew 28:6
06-Apr-15 Pray for a warmer fellowship, deeper discipleship, stronger worship, broader ministry and larger evangelism in VFC Acts 2:42-47
07-Apr-15 Entreat the Lord to pour upon us, the Spirit of repentance from dead works Heb 6:1-3
08-Apr-15 Ask the Lord to send the purging fire of revival in every heart in VFC Psalm 139:23-24
09-Apr-15 Pray for all VFC youths that they shall indeed be for signs and wonders in their generation Isaiah 8:18
10-Apr-15 Plead with the Lord that every wrong seed planted in the heart of our children will be uprooted completely Matthew 15:13
11-Apr-15 Pray for godly leaders to be elected in public offices at every level. Ask the Lord to root out those who use wicked powers to sustain themselves in power 1 Samuel 2:24-25
12-Apr-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-Pray that God’s people may rejoice in Him as He revives us afresh. Psalm 85:6
13-Apr-15 Pray that our Members who have reached marriageable ages will find their God-ordained partners Genesis 2:18
14-Apr-15 Pray for those waiting upon the Lord for the fruit of the womb that God will give us testimonies speedily Genesis 1:20-26
15-Apr-15 Pray for the leadership of VFC and other Churches that they would take responsibility for the growth of the Church-it’s about God’s power and His choice to work through us 2 Cor 9:9 (Message)
16-Apr-15 Ask the Lord to uproot and burn bad roots that produce bad fruits in our lives Matthew 15:13
17-Apr-15 Ask the Lord to pour His Spirit upon the young, the old, and even the maid servants as per His word Joel 2:28
18-Apr-15 Ask God to build up His church, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it Matthew 16:18-19
Prayer For The Mission Groups VFC Supports
19-Apr-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-That the Lord God will visit us anew, restoring and releasing us into the fullness of His blessing Psalm 119:88
20-Apr-15 Pray for willingness and confidence for our Mission groups to continue to serve the Lord Rom 1:14-16; Eph 3:16;
21-Apr-15 So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields, especially at a time like this Matthew 9:37-38
22-Apr-15 Pray for continuous grace, protection and provision for the Missionaries and their respective families Ps 91:1-6; Phil 4:19;
23-Apr-15 Pray for the move of the Holy Spirit upon all Missionaries especially the ones that VFC support Zechariah 4:6-7
24-Apr-15 Father break our hearts (that is unconcerned with Missionaries’ problems, their sufferings and the injustices they endure) for the world you are seeking to save Colosians 4:3-4
25-Apr-15 Pray that missionaries will experience and express unity, love, good communication, patience, and spiritual gifts Ephesians 3:16-21
Prayer For Nigeria
26-Apr-15 Pray for God’s pre-eminence in Sunday Service-That our Lord will shower us with Humility, Repentance and Prayer Jeremiah 31:25
27-Apr-15 Ask the Lord to visit the ancient gates that have stood against His decrees in the land and destroy them Psalm 24:7-9
28-Apr-15 Ask the Lord to break satan’s hold on government and that righteous rule shall be established-Pray God to heal our land 2 Chronicles 7:14
29-Apr-15 Pray that God will establish righteousness in the land Proverbs 14:34; Psalm 9:8
30-Apr-15 Be thankful for our nation and pray that the Lord’s peace shall reign over Nigeria Numbers 6:26
Pray that we grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…….2 Peter 3:18!