House Fellowship for week commencing 5th March 2017

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Victoria Fellowship Church (VFC)
International and Interdenominational
House Fellowship for week commencing 5th March 2017
Quarter Theme: Foundation For Christian Living

Topic: Fight the good fight: Godliness with contentment.

Texts:  1 Timothy 6:3-21 

Memory Verse: ‘But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.” (1 Tim. 6:6-7, NIV)



Rich revelations and insight from God’s word, will keep us in awe and wonder as we dig deeper into the book of 1stTimothy. The two books of Timothy being letters addressed to a Christian leader, it is therefore not surprising to see Paul, in this final set of instructions to Timothy in the first book, deal with the issue of false teachers, love of money and the good fight of faith laced with the important ingredient of godliness.

He emphasized that godliness with contentment is great gain. Contentment is finding joy in what God has given you. The opposite of contentment is greed which destroys your capacity to enjoy what God has given. Contentment is a Christian grace that grows over time. It does not come quickly, easily or naturally. Paul says “I have learned to be content” (Philippians 4:12).

God used the experience of loss to produce the good fruit of contentment in Paul’s life. Have you discovered the secret of being content? It is not enough to be instructed in knowing and identifying the right message and the messenger, but also to be properly instructed and empowered on how to know and identify wrong and incorrect messengers or vessels, which are called in Paul’s words, “False teachers.” Paul listed 3 red flags that will help us to identify a false teacher:

  • Teaches false doctrine
  • Does not consent to the sound teaching of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Lacks godliness

These areas are important by-product of a teacher’s message or convictions, because without sound teaching coupled with godliness, we not only err in the faith but also turn the grace our God into a license for immorality.

Conclusively, Paul left us with insightful instructions regarding riches under two broad categories

  • Those that will (or want) to be rich
  • Those already rich in this world.

We trust God to grant us insight and understanding as we discus to learn these finals instructions we inherited from the book of 1st Timothy.


  1. From vs. 3-5, describe and discuss: (Tit 1:1,9)
  2. What you understand by sound teachings of Christ and godliness as against false teachings
  3. What are the characteristics of a false teacher?
  4. What is consequences of false teaching?
  5. How did Paul instruct us to react to false teaching?
  6. Outline and discuss the dangers associated with the lustful pursuit of riches(vs. 9-10)
  7. Give practical examples of how lust, love or covetousness for riches has led many to err from the faith.
  8. What should not be our disposition to riches? Vs. 17; Jam 5:1-6; Luke 12:13-21
  9. What should be the right Christian’s attitude to riches? Vs. 18; Rom 12:13
  10. What are the benefits of using our riches in the right way? Vs. 19; Matt 6:20
  11. Discuss practical steps you will take to ensure your riches is used rightly.
  12. From vs. 18, when is the right time to be contented? How did Paul learn contentment in Phil 4:12? Discuss what you consider to be the secret of living a contended life and why godliness with contentment is considered a great gain?