House Fellowship for week commencing 4th December 2016

Victoria Fellowship Church (VFC)
International and Interdenominational
House Fellowship for week commencing 4th December  2016
Quarter Theme: Standing On God’s Promises

Topic: I am coming quickly

Texts: Rev 22:6-21

Memory Verse: Rev 22:12 – “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done”. (NIV)



“Where is the promise of his coming?’ is the question scoffers where asking according to Apostle Peter. It is no surprise to hear this same question asked by so many over the past 2000 years. Did Jesus promise to come back? What is the significance of his coming back to earth and how certain are we as followers of Christ, on His imminent return? These are the questions that has been asked over the centuries, and will still be asked.

Two things are worth taking note of:

  1. The Hope of Christ’ return is both a promise and a prophecy (Jude14; Rev 22:7, 12, 21; John 14:3)

As a prophecy, we are confident of his return because every single prophecy of his conception, birth, life and death fulfilled to the latter. From the law, the psalms and the prophets, Jesus fulfilled everything written and fortolded by the prophets about his first coming. Christmas season reminds us about the fulfillment of these prophesies. Based on this premise, we are therefore, fully convinced that if he did it the first time, he will do it again, and we will not lose faith.

As a promise, we have seen God honor His word from time immemorial, from Abraham to Israel, no promise of His has gone unfulfilled. The promise of Christ’s return is a central element of New Testament proclamation. We are certain that He will do what He says He will do, including His promised return. (Hebrew 6:13-18).

  1. The Hope of His return is the anchor of our faith. It is not a statement of faith or a mere doctrine, it is the anchor and pillar of the Christian faith. It is and should be the greatest expectation and longing of every believer in Christ. It is the key to a healthy, consistent and victorious Christian living. The cause of many problem and struggles we face as community of believers, is that we have lost sight and consciousness of His imminent return.  The Christian life is more efficient, productive and victorious when a believer lives every moment of his or her life in the light of Christ’s return, when he or she sees, weighs and views every of his or her action, talk and walk in the light of the day of Christ. (1 John 3:3)

 The day of Christ, as the first century believers calls it, is our hope and aspiration. They were so conscious of it that MARANATHA (Come, Lord Jesus) became the very mode of greeting amongst them. When a believer meets a fellow believer, their greeting was not ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’, etc., it was rather MARANATHA. This was a way of continually and daily reminding one another of the imminence of His return.

 Jesus is not coming back as lamb that was slain, he is coming back as the Lion of the tribe of Judah; not as a helpless babe born in the manger, but as the leader of the host of heaven with thousands of Angels with him; not certainly to face mockery, punishment and shameful death, but as the king of Kings and Lord of Lords to judge both the living and the dead. So glorious it will be heralding our time of salvation, deliverance, exaltation and glorification; and the time of judgment on evil, death, sin and wickedness. The Father wants us excited and hopeful about Jesus’ return because that event is the conclusion of His plan for the world.


  1. When you hear or read that Jesus is coming quickly, what does it really mean to you?  Are you happy that he is coming or would you rather prefer He delays the coming or not come at all?
  2. What signs and seasons are the confirmation of his return and how do you see them relate to our present day experiences? Matt 24: 42-44; 1 Thess 5:1-7; 1 John 2:18-20
  3. What is the significance of the return of Christ to (Rev 22:12-15; Isaiah 40:9-11; 2 Cor 5: 10-11; John 14:1-3):
  4. a) The believer b) The unbeliever
  5. Having known that Christ must surely return, what should be my attitude? 1 John 3:3; Rev 3:11; Phil 4:5; Hebrews 10:23-25.

“He which testifieth these things saith, surely I come quickly. Amen, even so, MARANATHA!