House Fellowship for week commencing 10th of July 2016

Victoria Fellowship Church (VFC)
International and Interdenominational
House Fellowship for week commencing 10th of July 2016
Quarter Theme: Living with Eternity In View

Topic: Living in Faith

Texts:  Heb. 11: 1-11

Memory Verse: Hebrews 11: 6– “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (NIV)


Faith is how we begin our Christian journey, and it is faith that sustains us throughout. As believers, we are not given the choice as to how we should walk. It is clearly stated in 2 Corinthians 5:7, “for we walk by faith, not by sight.” And in Colossians 2:6, “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord (by faith), so walk in Him (by faith)”.

Today, please take time to reflect on the examples of men and women of God that lived and overcame by faith as found in the passage for this study. They overcome by faith just as “by faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible” (Hebrews 11:3). Abel had the right heart; Enoch pleased God; Noah stood alone while father Abraham and Sarah believed God for the impossible. Furthermore, Abraham was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice; Isaac accepted God’s sovereignty and Jacob finished strong despite his mistake of cheating his brother while his son Joseph was imbued with a divine purpose.

Let’s remember Gideon whom God called to lead Israel into battle against the Midianites. The Midianite army had about 135,000 men. Gideon could only raise an army of 32,000 men. However, God reduced the Israelite army down to just 300 men so that people would know that it was God who won the battle, and not a large army. Through faith Gideon, with a small army, conquered the Midianites. It is very easy to rely on ‘our’ own power and abilities.

We must grow more steadfast in our personal faith with God. It is easy to walk by faith when we see and hear the divine workings of God. But what about when God is silent and still? Do you struggle with “walking by faith” at times? Let God and His Word instruct you and challenge you to walk by faith alone, not sight, as we go through our Christian journey. We cannot please God without faith. It is impossible.



  1. How would you define “faith”? What the difference between positive thinking and faith as denoted in the bible?
  2. Read James 2:14-20; what is the relationship between faith and works?
  3. Enoch was pleasing to God. What is required of us in order to please God according to Hebrews 11:6?
  4. Read Hebrews 11:17-19; what are some possible reasons why God tested Abraham at this point of his life and in this way? Hadn’t he already shown his faith in God by waiting for his promised son to be born?
  5. What is your most prized “possession”? How would you respond if God asked you to let go of it and give it back to Him? How do you know when God is testing you?