House Fellowship for week commencing 26th of July 2015

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Victoria Fellowship Church (VFC)
International and Interdenominational
House Fellowship for week commencing 26th of July 2015
Quarter Theme: A Revived Church: Lessons from the Acts of the Apostles

Topic: Miracles Are Real

Texts: Acts 5:1-16 ; 9:36-42 : Mark 16:17,18

Memory Verse And by the hands of the Apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people ( and they were all in one accord in Solomon’s Porch) Acts 5:12


Another characteristic of a revived Church is that it walks in the realm of miracles.  Miracles are real in a revived church. Miracles are extra ordinary happenings and can only be done by and through the Spirit God.

One characteristics of the early church as outlined in the book of Acts was the prevalence of miracles, signs and wonders among the believers. We see miracle taking place when sin entered the camp In Acts 5:1-11, But a certain man – In the previous chapter the historian had given an account of the eminent liberality and sincerity of the mass of early Christians, in being willing to give up their property to provide for the poor, and had mentioned the case of Barnabas as worthy of special attention. In this chapter he proceeds to mention a case, quite as striking, of insincerity, and hypocrisy, and of the just judgement of God on those who were guilty of it. The case is a remarkable instance of the nature of “hypocrisy,” and goes to illustrate the art and cunning of the enemy of souls in attempting to corrupt the church, and to pervert the religion of the gospel. Hypocrisy consists in an attempt to “imitate” the people of God, or to assume the “appearance” of religion, in whatever form it may be manifested. In this case religion had been manifested by great self-denial and benevolence. The hypocrisy of Ananias consisted in “attempting” to imitate this in appearance, and to impose in this way on the early Christians and on God.We see another miracle of life restored rather than death taking place in Acts 9:36-42 A certain disciple, key word disciple, full of good works that died and was brought back to life.  Many are full of good words, which are empty and barren in good works; but Tabitha was a great doer, no great talker. Christians, who have not property to give in charity, may yet be able to do acts of charity, working with their hands, or walking with their feet, for the good of others. While we live upon the fullness of Christ for our whole salvation, we should desire to be full of good works, for the honour of his name, and for the benefit of his saints. These acts build unity in the body.  Thus in the raising of dead souls to spiritual life, the first sign of life is the opening of the eyes of the mind. Here we see that the Lord can make up every loss; that he overrules every event for the good of those who trust in him, and for the glory of his name.


1. Why are sustainable personal and corporate miracles so scarce today in our experience? Acts 5:12-16; Mark 16:17,18

2. Share some practical experiences of miracles you have personally received or witnessed and what were the lessons leant that can be applied in real cases amongst us? Pray for brothers and sisters needing miracles today and be expectant for results