House Fellowship for week commencing 24th of April 2016

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Victoria Fellowship Church (VFC)
International and Interdenominational
House Fellowship for week commencing 24th of April 2016
Quarter Theme: The Book of Proverbs: Gems of Wisdom

TopicWisdom in Soul winning – Lifestyle Evangelism

Texts:  Prov. 11:30; I Pet. 3: 1-2

Memory Verse:  Proverb 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” (KJV)


We are saved to save others. When Jesus was leaving the earth, following His resurrection from the death, He specially instructed his disciples in Matthew 28: 19 “…….to go and make disciples of all nations”. It is an instruction every Christian, MUST strive to fulfil, in season and out of season. The disciples of Jesus took these last words of Jesus serious and with the help of the Holy Spirit, went about preaching the gospel.

Soul-winning, in simple language is making God’s plan of salvation known to an unrepentant soul so that he/she can be reconciled to God by the help of the Holy Spirit. Unless lost souls hear the word, they will not be saved, which makes soul-winning even more crucial in God’s agenda. Another word for soul-winning is witnessing or evangelism. Here, a Christian is called to “witness” for Christ. A witness for someone states or attests to a fact, statement, or event; Jesus asked us to be his witness (Acts 1:8).  Will you? It is wisdom to win souls according to Proverb 30:11. It is wisdom to partner with the Holy Spirit to reconcile a sinner to God. In the process, investing in eternity and works which have eternal value.

Lifestyle evangelism is a way of living which reaches out to others with personal interest and care, while actively praying for their salvation and using opportunities to introduce them to Jesus Christ. It is the witness of a Christ-like lifestyle, followed up with sharing the gospel message of God’s provision of salvation from sin. When a person has responded in faith to the gospel, the process of discipling, in which the new Christian is nurtured in faith and knowledge and grows to maturity is quickly introduced. The key to effective lifestyle evangelism is to be relevant to others. The gospel message must reflect the actual lifestyle of the one proclaiming it. The only way for believers to make the Light of the world meaningful and personal to seekers is for us to maintain an internal, healing relationship with Christ. Ask God to give you a burden for souls, learn the scriptures and watch for opportunities to share the gospel. If they come naturally, it’s okay to create one.


  1. Read Luke 19: 1-10. Discuss how Jesus reached out to Zacchaeus. Are there lessons to learn from this encounter?
  2. It is important to continuously carry out personal self-evaluation of your lifestyle of evangelism. Review the following questions for a few quiet moments and appoint some people to share their answer sincerely:

(a)     Is Jesus regularly a topic of your conversation at work, school or home?

(b)     Are you talking about the activity of God in your life now?

(c)     Can you talk about how you discovered the grace of God in your life?

(d)     Are you regularly talking about what you are learning in your devotional life?

(e)     Do you share what you learned and are living out from last Sunday’s sermon?

(f)      What can you do differently now?

  1. What practical ways can we encourage brethren to be actively involved in lifestyle evangelism?