House Fellowship for week commencing 18th October 2015

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Victoria Fellowship Church (VFC)
International and Interdenominational
House Fellowship for week commencing 18th October 2015
Quarter Theme: Living by Faith

Topic: Growing in Faith

Texts: Matthew 26:69-75; Acts 3:1-8

Memory Verse:  Romans 1:17 “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed–a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.””


The scriptures expressly stated without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrew 11:6). We cannot have a meaningful relationship without with God without faith. A Christian, who loves the Lord, must invest all at his or her disposal to grow in faith as God expects us to grow in faith and it is crucial that we grow in it. Faith is one of our most precious possessions and a key to everything important. It is because we have faith that we can receive the commendation and approval of God. Those whose examples of faith are recorded for us in Hebrews 11 were “commended for their faith” in God (Hebrews 11:39, NIV).

Peter, was concerned for the believers that had been scattered all over the world because of persecution in 2 Peter 1: 3-10. He wanted to address lack of growth in the faith of these believers while urging them to remain unmoveable and strong everywhere they are. It was therefore important, for each Christian to be fully committed to developing strong spiritual roots and grow in the knowledge of Christ and His teachings, of which growth in their faith is crucial. Peter was talking from experience.

In Matthew 26:69-75, timid Peter, could not face a servant girl during trial of Jesus. He denied Jesus three times, including raining down curses on himself to proof that he does not know Jesus. That was a low time in his faith. He could not remember the messages Jesus passed on to him prior to the commencement of His trials. His understanding of the scriptures is limited. Peter buckled under pressure. But thank God he realized him folly and was restored. Fast forward to Acts 3: 1-8, where Peter boldly, and in the power of the Holy Ghost, proclaimed the healing power of Jesus to the crippled beggar at the Beautiful gate. Earlier in Acts 2: 14-41, Peter has powerfully delivered a sermon that saw huge numbers of people give their lives to Christ. He quoted extensively from the scriptures. How could he have done it, knowing how timid and fearful he was during the trial of Jesus? Indeed, the righteous will live by faith.

1. Identify what lead to the growth of Peter’s faith. Are there lessons to learn from his experience?

2. 2. Growing in faith is a continuous one. But things will come up to ensure our faith is stunted or at best, we do not grow. What are these hindrances and how can we overcome them. Matthew 13:18-23

3. 3. Read 1 Peter 1: 3-11, Discuss the principles that should motivate us to grow in faith.

4. 4. Suggest practical solutions for growing in faith. Colossians 2: 6-7