Music Ministry

Choir Fest

The main aim of the music ministry is to uplift worshippers to true worship from their hearts through the use of our voices and musical instruments. There are two main choirs at VFC namely the Adult Choir & VFC Ensemble which are open to all church members. There are 2 basic requirements to join either choir, your commitment and ability to carry a tune.  Rehearsals are held every Sunday after the church service. To join either choir group, attend one of  these rehearsal sessions and inform the choir leaders of your intentions. The Adult choir rehearsals are held at the choir stand in the church building whilst the rehearsals for the VFC Ensemble holds on the 2nd floor of the Sunday School building.

There’s also an children’s choir that meets up several times in the year to render special numbers. To find out more information about that choir group meet with the Children’s Education Director.

Special Numbers

If you are unable to make the time commitments required to be a member of the choir groups, or choirs are just not your thing,  but still would like to minister to the church through special numbers please communicate your intentions to the choir director.