Missions and Evangelism

Victoria Fellowship Church

Missions & Evangelism Directorate Report

The closing Church year has been quite eventful for us. We give all the glory to God for giving us the opportunity and the enablement to serve Him and His people in this vine yard.

The following are the highlight:

1. Financial support to Missionaries and groups: The Lord enabled the Church to fulfil this stewardship 100% despite our own needs. May the Lord continue to bless His people, amen.

2. Financial and material support to the IDP: Money and materials (food stuffs, clothing and even a car) were donated by Church members and sent to our brethren in the crisis region of the North East. Donations are still on-going.

3. Free medical outreach: This has become an annual event of the Directorate. It’s the Church reaching out to the people around our immediate neighbourhood in benevolence and the gospel. We had one last Easter Monday in Ilasan community. Over 300 people were attended to medically with about 30 of them receiving free prescription glasses for different eye conditions. The aged, the young and even little children were all beneficiaries. About 100 salvation decisions were recorded and handed over to the churches in the community to follow up. We worked in partnership with two RCCG Churches, one Assemblies of God Church and one Christ Apostolic Church, all located in the community. One of the doctors that participated in the outreach is a Pastor in one of the RCCG Churches.

4. Evangelical Outreach to neighbouring communities: The Church always reaches out with the gospel to the communities in our neighbourhood. A typical example is Ilasan community where we had an evening gospel outreach tagged “An Evening Out With Jesus”. This particular outreach was targeted towards the young people in the community who are very conspicuous. This took place on the 26th of July 2014.

5. Prison Evangelism: We go to Kirikiri Prisons – Medium, Female and Maximum once a month. Our activities include fellowshipping with the inmates, offering counselling, legal aids, and rehabilitation and giving of material things needed and allowed in the prison environment. Requests of a desk top computer has been made by Medium Prison Welfare Office, of public address system for worship by the inmates pastor of the Maximum and a spare part for the mowing machine in the females. Trusting God to help us meet these needs.

6. Prayer-Stand Evangelism: This is an innovation into one-on-one evangelism. We’ve gone out twice with this equipment since it came and it has been a wonderful experience.

7. Monthly Meetings: We hold meeting every second Sunday of the month to pray for missionaries, the church, and the directorate, to review our activities and to attend to issues of the directorate needing attention.

8. Field Visitation: This is supposed to be the visit of support and encouragement to our missionaries in their fields. This wasn’t our strength this past year. But we hope to improve to improve on it this coming year as the Lord enables us.

9. Directorate Budget: We trust our heavenly Father who is Jehovah Jireh to meet the needs of His people as they continue to invest in souls harvest of the end times. The coming year budget has been submitted to the church council.

God bless you.

Bro. Moses Okediji
M&E Director