Purpose Driven Youth 2

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Monthly Bible Study: in the past year, God has been helping us as we looked at the “Parables of Jesus” in our bible study meetings. We have noticed significant increase attendance and participation. We are always enriched.

PDGen Drama Presentations: Under God’s guidance, the PDGen ministered severally through drama/skit presentations in the past year and the notably on the annual youth celebration day and on20140816_155218 the cross over service night. We thank God for the attendant blessings that flowed by reason of these presentations.

Empowerment Trainings: By the help of God, we started off this year with special sessions on financial intelligence training sessions. Young people were taught how to properly manage and grow their money. The attendance was quite encouraging.

Youwin Training: We also organized youwin proposal writing and best practices training for the young people. Thanks to brother Ogbo who God used to open our eyes beyond youwin. He taught us how to conceive and begin to run a business effectively.
Youth Sunday: The PDGEN takes charge of every third Sunday of the month. We in the past year, we have seen increased inclusion as we have more number of youths step up to take the lay assistant role for the first time. Others have improved as they now take on the prayers and bible reading roles with more ease. These assignments are an opportunity for engaging PDGEN members and building them up for large roles. The youth choir has also been outstanding with anointed song ministrations. We have also witnessed collaborative lay assistant roles.