Special Annoucements 16-Sep-12

  1. The Children Sunday School is in search of new teachers. If you wish to volunteer, please leave your name with Sis Yinka Edu or at the church office.
  2. The Adult Sunday School is also in need of teachers. Please if you wish to volunteer, please give your name to Bro Dan Ndangason or to any of the Church administrators.
  3. Should you wish to win souls with your birthday, wedding anniversary, promotion or special event please see Sis Ngozi Amos Musa of the Mission and Evangelism Committee. The Church would partner with you, at no cost to you, to use your special event to win your friends to Christ.
  4. The Church has acquired a P.O.S. Machine.  If you wish to give with an ATM card please use the P.O.S Machine in the Church office.
  5. Anyone in need of prayer should please wait behind after the service at the back of the church. The left side when facing the altar.
  6. Please put your prayer requests in the offering bag, the prayer request boxes in the front of the Church of email them to prayers@victoriafellowhipchurch.org
  7. Finally, don’t forget to please invite someone to Church next Sunday. Invitation cards are available on the table outside the church hall.