Church Council Meeting

The governance of the Church will be vested in an elected Council (except for the Chairman of the Pastoral Affairs Committee who shall not be elected) constituted of members whether men or women with a high level of proven commitment to the Church and its activities, as follows

                        1. Council Chairman
                        2. Council Vice Chairman
                        3. Church Secretary
                        4. Treasurer
                        5. Worship Chairman
                        6. Childrens’ Education Chairman
                        7. Mission and Evangelism Chairman
                        8. Fellowship Chairman
                        9. Youth Fellowship Chairman
                        10. Music Chairman

The duties of the council members listed above can be found in the Church Constitution.

Each of the offices of the Church Council and their Assistants shall be elected each year by a majority of the Church members except for the Chairman of the Pastoral Affairs Committee who shall be an un-elected member of the Church Council.

The term of office will be for one year, beginning 1st May. Except as may be agreed by the Church at a General Meeting, no member shall hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Pastoral Affairs Committee

In accordance with the principles laid down in the Bible, the council sets up the Pastoral Affairs Committee (PAC) to guide the Church in matters relating to prayer and teachings of God’s word and towards fulfilling God’s will by overseeing the spiritual well being of the Church. Some of the responsibilities of the PAC include:

  • Developing the Sermon Series
  • Monitoring and overseeing the spiritual content of the various Bible study groups within the Church.
  • Ensuring that proper and adequate instruction and counseling are provided for new Christians, members and friends in crisis, persons wishing to become members, be baptized, get married or undertake any other Christian activity.
  • Advising the Church Council on Spiritual matters.
  • Responsible for the preparation and updating of the Church Ordinances on birth, marriage, death and any other Ordinances as may be approved by the Church Council from time to time

 The PAC is not involved in the governance and/or administrative functioning of the Church which is vested in the Church Council.